Ko-Lae Boat Races - 21 Sept

This is a different boat race than the ones previously mentioned - this was started in 1976 to honour Their Majesties the King and the Queen when they visited.

Since then it has become a tradition of Ko-lae boats, traditional long tailed boats and decorated boats.

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Phitsanulok Boat Race - 18 Sept

Boat Racing seems to be a tradition this month - but the Phitsanulok boat race however is of Religious significance...

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22nd International Swan Boat Race - 18th Sept

This looks like an interesting event to visit - on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok - might visit this one.

The first race like this was in 1986 and the TAT have supported it's tradition since then but I have never seen on - maybe this time?

2009 swan boat race

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Um Phra Dam Nam ritual bathing - 6th Sept

This is a ceremony which takes place in the Petchaburi province - I have taken my text from the TAT

Phra Buddhamahadammaraja, the principle Buddha image at Wat Traiphum temple, is the spiritual guardian of Petchabun province.

The Phra Buddhamahadammaraja Buddha image is invocated in the Um Phra Dam Nam ritual bathing ceremony performed by the provincial governor to ensure an abundance of crops, plentiful harvests and the prosperity of Petchabun, the ‘city of plants and crops’.

Phra Buddhamahadammaraja Buddha image is associated with the powers to heal illness and agricultural abundance.

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