20th Pineapple and Flower Fair at Saphan Hin

image from Phuket Post - permission requested
There are other items to be browsed if you visit Sapan Hin - here is a summary.

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Siam Tulip Festival

Photo from Bangkok Post - permission requested
When I think of tulips I immediately think of my school trip
 BUT there is a genus for the Thai tulip.

A beautiful location - Chiang Mai...

Phone No: 053 114110/5

Asanha Bucha Day อาสาฬหบูชา - August 4

Asanha Bucha day celebrates the Buddha's first sermon to his first 5 disciples after attaining Enlightenment more than 25,000 years ago.

We observe the day in Phuket by listening to sermons and making a donation - we visited Wat Vichit Sangkaram in Phuket Town .

The temple was lit and open to the public, we all sat inside in with our small donations and gift (joss, candle, flower) and waited for the monk to give us a sermon.

After the sermon we were all blessed by the monks - I went to the front with Jemma to be touched by the water flicked by the monk.

We then walked around the Wat three times with offerings - but I am not clear (yet) as to why - but a wonderful experience.

Then we lit candles and placed them in the sand outside the Wat - wonderful.

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Rafting rally on the Phet River - 4th August

Text and image from the Bangkok Post - permission requested.
The Fourth Rubber Boat Rafting Race to promote conservation along the Phet River in Phetchaburi.

450 Baht per person - including the raft, food and the souvenir

Looks like a lot of fun.