Monkey Party Festival (25 Nov)

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No i do not understand this.

There are countless monkeys throughout Thailand and at Lopburi they choose to give them a party. The local villagers will set up tables amongst the ruins and then these tables will be covered in food - the party begins and the monkeys eat all of the food.

The local people believe that by donating food to the local monkeys they will receive good luck!

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Surin Elephant Round Up (24 - 25 Nov)

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This is an annual event and is based on the history of the Surin people who were trained as a Mahout.

Ban Tha Klang is a small village near to Surin who are famous for these skills, initially the great animals were used for battle but the Kui tribe have since taught the elephants to do other things in their villages.

What is most popular for this Festival though is the; acrobatic stunts, basketball, painting, football, polo and a plethora of other things

Bangkok 101 have the full information here.

Royal Barge Procession - 9th November

This is certainly something which I would like to attend - anybody pay me to go there to cover it?

This wonderful procession of Royal Barges is part of the celebration of the 3 month long Buddhist Lent period. It is from Rama VII Bridge to the Temple of the Dawn (Wat Arun).

I paddled the Chao Phraya River last Christmas with John Gray (of the World Respected John Gray Sea Canoe) which was fun and our family visited Wat Arun last month.

More information from Richard Barrow - thanks again Richard. 
He has even made a map.

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End of Buddhist Lent Celebrations

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With all of the furore of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival I am sorry to say that I have missed a number of celebrations and I am linking my reader to another site - - for information about this festival.

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  1. Tak Bat The Wo
  2. Naga Fireball 
  3. Lai Ruea Fai Festival