Don Chedi Memorial Fair (17 Jan - 3 Feb)

In the late 16th century, King Naresuan the Great, a ruler of Ayutthaya, won a historic battle against his enemies largely due to his ability to deploy his elephants in battle. This led to freedom of occupation from the Burmese, who were so brutal in their warfare that many Thais, even today, bear a grudge against them. The fair celebrates the event with historical exhibitions and local entertainment. Suphanburi is a two-hour drive north of Bangkok, and the home of former Thai Prime Minister Banharn Silpa-archa.

Text from Bangkok City Seeker 

Sorry I know no more...

Bo Sang Umbrella Festival (18 - 20 Jan)

Bo Sang (Thaiบ่อสร้าง) is a village in San Kamphaeng district in the outskirts of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.
It is known for its handmade umbrellas and parasols, which are brightly coloured, and often decorated with floral motifs. Festivals are held every year and numerous decorated craft shops and stores exist along the main street in the village in the Lanna Thai style. During the festival time there are contests, 

These umbrellas are certainly lovely - hope to make a visit...

Children's Day - 12th January

The last time that we visited Vichit Park (ศูนย์ออกกําลังกาย) it certainly was busy but there was no where near as many balloons as there were here today!

There was a plethora of activities for the children but I was taken by the Traditional Sword Dancing on a stage. This reminded me of a Tweet by Richard Barrow regarding the contribution of the Military on this special day.

We did not last long and we headed for Laem Ka beach - a small beach where we have visited previously. Now this beach is not the most obvious beach to find - in fact I thought that we were going in the wrong direction.

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We enjoyed ourselves on the beach and Jemma found a number of children to play with - it was not until we went for a swim that I remembered that it was very rocky - so remember - swim carefully.

Then the wedding brigades arrived 

along with speed boats full of tourists - not the right mix I would imagine. I like the weddings which we do at  Cape Panwa.

After seeing three of these and running out of sticky rice and chicken we left to join Olivier at The Beach Bar where we also met Jamie 

The deep fried fish in lemon grass was wonderful and the company was always a pleasure. A wonderful day off.

Happy Children's Day