Wan Phra (วันพระ) or Buddha Day in Phuket

 People go to the temple to make merit & listen to a sermon.

This was at Wat Chalong last night (29th)
we were at the Temple Fair...

-thanks Richard

World Heritage Fair (13-22 Dec)

Welcome to Thailand’s capital city of a prosperous past. Experience an ancient city that’s rich of culture and history. 

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya World Heritage Fair 2013 is a traditional temple fair that celebrate this beautiful city with activities such as folk dance, traditional Thai instrument playing, mini floating market and raffle draw for the municipality Red Cross.
December 13-22, 2013 
At: Phra Nakon Si Ayutthaya Historical Park

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Flora Festival 2013 - Royal Park Rajapruek (Chiang Mai)

This looks like a good time to visit - our previous visit to this location was lovely.

Royal Park Rajapruek, Highland Research and Development Institute (Public Organization) cooperated with Royal Project Foundation will hold “Flora Festival 2013” under the concept “Colorful Flowers” which are the 4th times of festival in winter season at Royal Park Rajapruek, Chiang Mai Province. The festival will be held on 1 December 2013 - 28 February 2014 from 08.00 am. – 08.00 pm. at Royal Park Rajapruek, Chiang Mai. 

The purpose of the festival is to commemorate His Majesty the King and publicize the knowledge related to the benevolence of His Majesty the King and the Royal Family concerning the development of life to Thai people based on the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy and the New Theory Agriculture, to promote agricultural learning and Biological diversity, encourage the attitude toward reducing global warming, green economic, promote the tourism and also publicize excellent cultural of Chiang Mai.

In This Festival, will display the various of temperate flowers which are colorful and blooming to welcome the visitors through 90 days and see the 7 wonders such as the elegant of “Royal Pavilion” , the exhibition of benevolence of His Majesty the King, King Bhumibol Tulip exhibition, The largest orchid park in the northern of Thailand, amazing vegetable pergola, 7 special menus from 7 mounts at Royal Project Restaurant, New Theory Agriculture and new garden from leading organizations of Thailand such as Port Authority of Thailand, Krungthai Bank PCL., Thai Airways International PLC., PTT PLC., Muang Thai Insurance PCL., Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Co-operatives and Charoen Pokphand PCL. will join permanent exhibition to commemorate His Majesty the King and publicize the success of operation of each organizations.

 Through the festival, tourists can join the commemorate activities, Orchid Contest, Musical Fountain, and enjoy with Music in the garden from famous singers among the most beautiful atmosphere in Chiang Mai such as Aof-Pongsak/Lula/Pop Pong kool/Two Popetorn/ETC/King The Voice and Lanna Singer, cultural shows, Folk music show and international show. Tourists can join the special activities in special day such as Christmas, Countdown to New Year, Children’s day, Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day.

Royal Park Rajapruek invites you to experience memorable moments of colorful flowers in Flora Festival 2013 on 1 December 2013 – 28 February 2014 from 08.00 am. – 08.00 pm. at Royal Park Rajapruek, Chiang Mai for more information please contact 053 – 114110-5 or www.royalparkrajapruek.org.

Monkey Party in Lopburi (24 Nov)

One of the more unique festivals in Thailand is the annual Monkey Party in Lopburi, about 150 kms north of Bangkok. It was started some twenty years ago by a local businessman called Yongyuth Kitwatananuson. He put on a buffet lunch for the monkeys as a way to say thank you to the animals for all the tourist money that they had brought to the city. This soon became a tradition and is now firmly an event on the national festival calendar.

Text is from Richard Barrow

Surin Elephant Round-up (16-17 Nov)

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Elephant procession
Elephant breakfast
Surin Elephant Round-up Show 2009.
Surin Elephant Round-up Show 2009.
The Surin Elephant Round-up usually takes place on the third weekend of November in Surin provinceIsanThailand. It is of recent origin, first held in 1960. The people of Surin were traditionally excellent at capturing elephants inCambodia, then training them as working animalsCivil war in Cambodia and the elephant's decreasing economic importance has forced the elephant handlers (mahouts) to turn to entertainment to make a living.
The event consists of a series of shows displaying the strength and skill of the animals, such as football games andtugs of war.

Elephant Round-Up[edit]

The Elephant Breakfast is a small part of the festival and is held on the Friday morning. A procession of up to over 300 elephants (2005) start marching through Surin city from the railway station area toward the Elephant roundabout at the south end of the city on the Prasat road.
The elephants carry dignitaries and also some tourists who dismount their steeds on arrival. Some elephants carry mahouts in authentic battle outfits from the Thai - Khmer - Laos battles. Intermingled with the elephant procession are local school children and teachers in traditional dress, dancing and playing music.
Once all the elephants have arrived then the banquet can begin, the tables of fruits are quickly cleared by the large team of elephants. Whatever leftovers there may be is not lost, as the local people take the leftovers to their own homes.
On the following morning (Saturday) the elephants and mahoots congregate at the Elephant Stadium to the south east of the city centre. Here the main show is performed culminating in a re-enactment of the battles of a past century. The show is repeated on Sunday morning.