Phuket King's Cup Regatta

For all boating enthusiasts - here's more information and a facebook link!

Wrote about this in 2010 - here's a link.

World Musiq Festival (2-5 Dec)

The World Musiq Festival will take place at Sapan Hin and there will be a number of stages which embrace the different musics in Thailand.

Monkey Party in Lopburi (27 Nov)

The popular monkey party takes place every year on the last Sunday in November at Phra Prang Sam Yot in Lopburi. The city is famous for the monkeys that roam the streets and temple ruins. The event was started about twenty years ago as a way for local business people to thank the monkeys for attracting tourists to the city. 

A big banquet is put on for the monkeys which includes local fruit. This year the monkey party is on 27th November 2011. There will be four rounds. The opening event is at 10 a.m. The next rounds are then at 12 p.m., 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.
(text from Richard Barrow)

Pattaya International Tattoo Convention (17-20 Nov)

One of the biggest tattoo events in Thailand is The Pattaya International Tattoo Convention which takes place 17 – 20 November, 2011 at the Ground Floor of the Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya. As well as opportunities to get tattoos done, you can also take part in daily competitions.

TATTOO CONTESTS 6 p.m. @ G. floor, Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya

November 17, 2011
1. Best of the day color 2. Best of the day Black & Grey 3. Best Small Color 4. Best Small Black & Grey 5. Best Neo Thai 6. Best Popular
November 18, 2011
1. Best of the day color 2. Best of the day Black & Grey 3. Best Old School 4. Best New School 5. Best Japanese Small 6. Best Popular
November 19, 20111. Best of the day color 2. Best of the day Black & Grey 3. Best Realistic 4. Best Dragon 5. Best Tribal 6. Best Japanese Big 7. Best Popular
November 20, 20111. Best Sexy Lady Tattoo 2. Best Color 3. Best of the day Black & Grey 4. Best of the day Color 5. Best Big Job 6. Tattoo War

For all Information and Requests for the Tattoo Contests, there will be a Registration and Info-Center at the Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya. There you can sign up and find answers to all your questions. Be sure that you  register as soon as possible because there will be a daily contest.
(text from Richard Barrow again)

Contact : +66 (38) 710 294

Loy Krathong 2011

Loy Krathong is a celebration which takes place every year in Thailand.

There are a number of stories surrounding the reason for Loy Krathong
but it usually takes place at the end of the rainy season to give thanks for the rains and welcome the sun.

But it is always fun.

Surin Elephant Roundup (10-21 Nov)

The Surin Elephant Roundup which was started in 1960 - we have the opportunity to watch the local mahouts who show us their control skills of up to 100 elephants in a performing show.

Not my choice but it may be yours - here's some photographs.

Phimai Festival and Long Boat Races (9-13 Nov)

This certainly looks like a feast for the eyes - I hope that they will be able to achieve the previous years glory as shown above (2009).

This has been an annual Festival and one focus of it is the traditional Long Boat Races.

There are also opportunities (like any Thai Festival) to buy lots of local food and locally made handicrafts.

5 places you should visit in Chiang Mai but tourists don't

info + pic from
We love to visit Chiang Mai - so how many places have we visited?

1) Huean Phen

2) Wat Chedi Luang

3) Ob Luang National Park

4) Thamel Coffee @ Nai 99 shop
 - this looks like a must for me and my coffee habit...

5) Kantary Terrace

One of out 5 isn't bad - maybe next time?

The Naga Fireball Festival (9-15 Oct)

permission requested - interesting blog about phenomenon but not English text
Well this is clearly a phenomenon which should not be missed - but I have never seen it!

Maybe one day....

These are my previous blogs and links about this - next year?

Greasy Pole Climbing (11th Oct)

Richard's photographs
I have not seen this but it looks like a whole lot of fun.
The same as the Water Buffalo Racing...

Maybe we can try this (the pole climbing) next year in Phuket?

Thanks Richard for the photos.

Water Buffalo Racing (11th Oct)

Richard's photographs
This special event is an event which seems to be a great deal of excitement - Richard Barrow (a writer in Thailand) reports about a lot of these events.

Richard's photographs
Click here for my post last year.

Wax Castle Festival (8-12 Oct)

Last year I thought  that there was very little information available regarding this festival - but was told by a reader that there was...
Have a look

The Lotus Flower Receiving festival (Rub Bua)

image from pakanm

This festival is from the 8th of October until the 11th of October - the finale being the lotus throwing on the last day...

(Traditionally, local people line up on both sides of Klong Samrong and throw lotus flowers onto the boat carrying a replica of a revered Buddha image. This image is called Luang Poh To and is kept at Wat Bang Phli Yai.)

Read more:

Hercules Beetle Fighting Festival (21-27 Sept)

Photo from Richard Barrow
When I first saw this I was reminded of being in the school playground with the other children - no gambling took place (that I knew of).

This is a festival where the male beetles fight for the privilege of the female beetle.

The festival was reintroduced to increase the numbers of this bug which was dying out - Chaingrai United (Thai Premier League) even adopted the bug as their emblem!

Phuket Honda Car Racing Fest

This was a transformation which had to be seen - what was normally a quiet area was suddenly Phuket Honda Car Racing Fest.

This area was now occupied with a race track and very noisy cars driving a circular race track.  There were a number of 'special cars' on the track but I could not see very much because there were so many people.

After my daughter was scared with the noisy cars we retreated to the fair and purchased some Thai snacks - delicious.

There was also a car show with lots of things to win 
- but I never found out how to win a red cap!
click here for location

Tim in Thailand (T.I.T)

View tim in Phuket in a larger map

After browsing through a number of websites for inspiration I found Phuket Photo Blog had used Google Maps to create a functional map.

 I found that creating this map was very interesting, do you have any comments?

Chinese Mooncake Festival (12 Sept)

photo from Richard Barrow
The Chinese Mooncake Festival will be with us on Monday the 12th of September.
The Chinese bake these special cakes in respect of the Autumn moon.

There will be a number of Hotels and Shops in Phuket Town which will be selling them, last year I purchased my mooncakes from The Metropole Hotel in Phuket Town.

I am looking for the Angry Birds Mooncakes though...

King's Cup Elephant Polo (5 - 11 Sept)

picture courtesy of Richard's blog
It is time to play polo on the back of an elephant in Hua Hin 
- certainly something that I would like to see.

It is their tenth anniversary and they (not the elephants) are on facebook!

For more information please contact the Anantara site.  I am not sure why this has become so popular BUT they have raised money for charity so never mind.

Here is a pdf site for full information.
Good luck.

Pichit Boat Festival (3 - 4 Sept)

Okay I knew nothing about the Pichit Boat Festival until there was a box on the front page of the 
Bangkok Post - so I think that you should read about it from 
the Bangkok Post
or the TAT 
or here is Richard Barrow's link.

Por Tor Festival 2011

I have posted on my personal blog and the company’s blog regarding the Por Tor Festival in Phuket Town.

I started the festival with photographs taken for my work permit – always choosing Klinc Kong in Phuket Town AND they know the right size.

Then I visited the places where they make the turtle cakes and put on the intricate writings – my daughter thought that they were beautiful.

This year was different - I went with my friend Jamie from Phuket  (always a pleasure, nice camera too) and met Chaya from Phuket Heritage Trails – visit both sites and learn more about Phuket.

Then it was time for a cocktail at Siam Indigo – gin and tonic was perfect but I did steal it from one of our group – sorry.

We had our cocktail and Chaya told us about the history of the event and then entered the fray – noise, wonderful, busy and full of fun – Phuket at it’s best.

Kathu Street Festival 2011

permission from Jamie in Phuket
After witnessing the camaraderie of last years Kathu Street Festival I was determined to ensure that I would arrive early and take as many photographs... I was taking care of a wedding which is always special BUT then I was late, it was raining and I took the wrong turning...

My anger swiftly turned to smiles when we arrived and there was a group of ladyboys goading some young army trainees in having a photograph with them... The Thai people taught me how to smile when everything around them does not - beauty - what about the rain?

We watched the end of the parade (visit Jamie in Phuket's flickr for beautiful photographs) and then we weaved our way through the stalls selling us their local products.  Then we reached one end and there was a performance of Thai pop / cultural songs with dancing.

Then dragons appeared and danced on stage - fried chicken time (not sure about the insects... another time) - which was swiftly followed by dancing on the stage to pop music and traditional Thai music.

As we purchased the chicken the dragons reappeared and were invited into the locals homes 

The dragons continued their walk through the village - even joining a local BB crew for a BOP!

A wonderful atmosphere which was going to continue for another three days

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