Chalk drawings


I do not think that Phuket, in fact Thailand has had a visit from Julian?

This is certainly something different for him to go - but maybe the pavements are too uneven for him to draw on?

What do you think our chances of a visit from Julian are?
I don't think that the T.A.T read my blog - anyway it is a nice thought but 
not in Thailand ..... yet?

If you want to see more of Julian's art please click here.

Build a home in Chang Mai

Sounds like a different type of vacation!

Well you can!

I met George and Lenore English who did this last week.  I looked at the front page of the Bangkok Post and Jimmy Carter was then putting a brick in....... and turned to the funnies.

Then I was having a cup of coffee with a guest at breakfast ........ and they had just been there!  They had built Home No.17.

They were working on a project in Chiang Mai doing just this - Habitat for Humanity.  It was lovely to meet someone who took part in this project and discover a little more about that photograph in the Bangkok Post.

Article just been printed in the Bangkok Post 14th December - click here.

Congratulations to you all, now if I can fix the leak in the bathroom ceiling.........

Royal Flora Ratchaphruck 2009 - Chiang Mai

Flowers and more flowers - for immersion in flora visit Chiang Mai for this period.

The Royal Flower show is something to behold - click here for photographs.

A press release

Buddhist Temples around Thailand and more

There is a very old temple called  Wat Phra Si Maha with a very tall Prang in Lop Buri.

The laterite prang still has some original lintels and stucco work intact. A number of other chedis and prangs - most of which were restored were greatly influenced by both the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya styles.

The admission fee for this building is 50 baht each. A ticket  for admission to Phra Prang Sam Yot, Vichayen House and Kraison Siharat Hall is only 150 baht each.  

There have been a number of reports in the newspapers regarding the vandalizing of Buddhist Temples in Thailand.

There has been a report in the Bangkok Post that a ritual would take place and the people who destroyed these sacred sites would die within 7 days!  I think that that is a good deterrent - it would certainly stop people doing it again! 


Well it seems to have worked - the severed head of an ancient Buddah statue was found deposited at a bus station..... why was this done?  Does this mean that the robbers will not die in 7 days?

Read more about the problems of protecting ancient artefacts in Thailand please click here for a report in the Bangkok Post.

As a place to visit there are a great many temples to visit and there are a number scattered throughout Thailand. 

This is a visit to Wat Chalong in Phuket.

Water Buffalo Racing in Chonburi

Recently read about the Annual Water Buffalo Races.......... I did not know that this was done.

Hats off again to the Tourism Authority of Thailand for their coverage of this one

The Bangkok Post has a beautiful front cover for Sunday ..........

Found a photo blog of Thailand -

The Naga fireballs

The End of Buddhist Lent Festival - this is a Phenomenon of enormous proportions and is visited by a great many people.

More information concerning it can be found on the Tourism Authority of Thailand Website.

It can be seen along the Mekong River in the districts of Mueang, Phon Phisai, Pak Khat, Bung Kan, Tha Bo, Si Chiang Mai and Sangkhom. Bang Fai Phaya Nak is a term used for red and pinkish fire balls, which according to belief, belong to Phaya Nak or the great serpent of the underwater world.
A necessary culture to explore...............

Shopping and more in Bangkok

I needed a break, Christmas presents and a Shopping Fix - so I took my wife Chuen and my daughter Jemma to Bangkok for the weekend.

There are regular flights with Thai Airways and they took their break at the Cape House Hotel in Central Bangkok. It was an effortless journey and they received a lovely welcome from the staff.

There are a number of different ways to get about in Bangkok but the BTS Sky Train is without a doubt the simplest way. Cape House Hotel is 2 minutes from Chit Lom station and they first visited Siam Paragon; a very glamorous air-conditioned shopping mall (read expensive).

After this they visited the adjoining Siam Centre that can be best described as 4 floors of fun with a plethora of shops – Jemma fell in love with her new clothes and trainers! - please click here for some photographs of shops.

We walked through all the markets back to Cape House; but thought that next time the pushchair would stay at home, as it was not easy to negotiate all the obstacles. We had dinner at the Italian Restaurant, Italian Bistro No.43 and then slept soundly in their one bedroom suite.

The next day was an early start and they went to Safari World – and there were animals galore, swimming polar bears, lazy lions, noisy parrots, boxing orangutans (Jemma’s favourite). a Safari Park and much more! - click here for our photographs.

We were exhausted after this - which meant they swam in the pool and relaxed in the heated Jacuzzi at Cape House followed by dinner at Central food Court – Chidlom.

The next day was a real Shopping Adventure – Chatuchak – taking took the BTS from Chit Lom to Mo Chit.

Chatuchak is the President of all markets – over 15,000 market stalls of……….. Everything ……….. a wonderful place – well worth a visit for your Christmas shopping – click here for our photographs.

Click here for a video of their wanderings in Chatuchak.

We are already thinking of their next visit to Bangkok - but it was nice to come back to our little piece of paradise – Cape Panwa.

An escape from Paradise to Paradise

After the hectic time of Songkran I chose to have a break with my family. We visited Kantary Hills in Chiangmai and what an escape it was.

The air was sweet, the entrance magnificent, the fountain bubbling and all the smiles were Thai. They were swiftly taken to their spacious rooms and I nipped into the shop for homemade truffles and ice cream for my girls.

Following this we went for a walk along the Nimman Road. A world of shopping and dining discounts awaited them simply because they were staying at Kantary Hills! Ice creams, coffees, books, clothes and gifts awaited them, they drifted in and out of the very stylish but small outlets.

The next day involved them rising early to greet the monks and then visiting the local bazaar where more t.shirts, toys and fruits were purchased. We returned home rested and very happy - and wondered when we could go again.

Next time I will buy some vanilla pods - I can't buy them in Phuket.