Kathu Street Festival 2011

permission from Jamie in Phuket
After witnessing the camaraderie of last years Kathu Street Festival I was determined to ensure that I would arrive early and take as many photographs... I was taking care of a wedding which is always special BUT then I was late, it was raining and I took the wrong turning...

My anger swiftly turned to smiles when we arrived and there was a group of ladyboys goading some young army trainees in having a photograph with them... The Thai people taught me how to smile when everything around them does not - beauty - what about the rain?

We watched the end of the parade (visit Jamie in Phuket's flickr for beautiful photographs) and then we weaved our way through the stalls selling us their local products.  Then we reached one end and there was a performance of Thai pop / cultural songs with dancing.

Then dragons appeared and danced on stage - fried chicken time (not sure about the insects... another time) - which was swiftly followed by dancing on the stage to pop music and traditional Thai music.

As we purchased the chicken the dragons reappeared and were invited into the locals homes 

The dragons continued their walk through the village - even joining a local BB crew for a BOP!

A wonderful atmosphere which was going to continue for another three days

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