Thai Martial Arts Festival (15-17 March)
The TAT has organized this event inorder to preserve Thai Martial Arts as a means of self-defence NOT simply a way of attacking somebody in the way that Muay Thai is potrayed in the West and as a tribute to Nai Khanom Tom who is a highly regarded Muay Thai Folk Hero.

The Wai Kru Muay Thai is a means of respecting ones opponent and is performed before every traditional Muay Thai fight - I digress and wonder if all the 'Western fighters' understand the actions that they 'perform' before each contest...


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Lamduan Flower Festival (11-13 March)

There are some cream-coloured flowers (of the White Cheesewood Tree) which come into bloom In March every year and this is where to come to see these beautiful flowers and smell their fragrant scent - about 50,000 of them in the Princess Mother Memorial Park in the Sai Ket Provinical Centre.


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Barred Dove Ground Singing 5th-6th March

Dove-lovers from all over Thailand, as well as from other countries in the region like Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, come to Yala for this event. 

The highlight is a dove-cooing contest involving more than 1,400 competitors; young prize doves are on sale along with local products, and sports contests are held.

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Bun Phawet Merit Making Fair 4th of March

The Boon Pawet fair is a merit-making ceremony that reflects the Buddhist belief in reincarnation. When one life ends, the soul enters another body to be born again. Prior to his life as Buddha, in one of his past lives, the Buddha-to-be (Bodhisattva) was re-born as Prince Vessandara, an episode noted as the last great incarnation before attaining Enlightenment.

Hence, an occasion for Buddhist celebration.

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