Mae Hong Son - Poi Sang Long (4th April)

This particular date of the ceremony takes place in the North of Thailand.

A Poi Sang Long (ปอยส่างลอง) is a standard Buddhist novice ordination ceremony for boys between seven and fourteen. If the children pursue this ordination then the whole family will gain merit.

This follows when the Prince Rahula followed the same path of enlightenment as his father - Lord Buddha and was subsequently the youngest ordained monk.

Day One - young boys will have their heads shaved
Day Two - relatives and friends will visit
Day Three - Parades will be taken through the local community with beautiful and colourful clothes - resembling the Prince's of a bygone era.
Day Four - the boys don orange robes and will earn about the Buddhist teaching until it is time to return to school

A special period...

thanks to thailand travel online for reminding me

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