'Sart Duan Sib' - Festival of the Tenth Lunar Month

image courtesy of Phuket Heritage Trail - permission requested
I have to admit to have being so mixed up with the Phuket Vegetarian Festival that this important Buddhist Festival passed me by completely - thank you to Phuket Heritage Trails for reminding me.

This is their text as well - 

The most important Buddhist merit-making festival for Southern Thai people is the annual Tenth Month Festival, Sart Duan Sib, traditionally held towards the end of the 10th month of Thai lunar calendar (September/October).

Buddhist Thais believe that spirits of their ancestors, particularly ones that have not yet reincarnated, and the suffering spirits with no relative called ‘Prate’ (hungry ghosts) will be released from the underworld, from the 1st to the 15th day of the waning moon in the 10th lunar month.

This belief is fundamental to the practice of ancestors worship. During the 15 days, Thai family members and friends show their loyalty, gratitude, and respects to their ancestors by preparing sumptuous feast and making trips to nearby Thai temples to present ritual merit-making offerings. 

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I might see something this evening.

Moon Festival (30th September)

I visited the Moon Festival for 'Otter's Tales' - the blog for Cape Panwa Hotel and I enjoyed the Festival enormously - thank you.

After leaving we visited the Weekend Market opposite Wat Naka for dinner - sticky rice and Fried Chicken. The market seemed to be festooned with tourists I did not realise that it had become such an attraction!

As we were driving home we were suddenly surprised by sounds of fireworks and chanting - there was a Dragon Celebration in a little known Chinese Shrine called 
Jor Soo Kong Naka.

The atmosphere was electrifying - so much so that Jemma would not let go of me when we first entered. We were immediately bombarded with the noise of cymbals, shouting, a dragon dancing and much more.  I believe that the Head of the Village (Or Ba Tor) was here at first to welcome the dragon by placing a red (that colour again) in the mouth of the dragon.

After much cheering the dragon danced around and sprayed water from it's mouth onto all of the onlookers - I imagine that this a blessing. Following this the people who were watching gathered underneath the dragon and walked to the front of the dragon where they received a blessing.

Then we moved away from the furore and we watched a smaller (more traditional dragon) dance in front of others and receive a small donation.


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