Chiang Mai Fest (8-11 April)

“Chiang Mai Fest 2011” will be held in Chiang Mai for the first time to promote Chiang Mai as the destination for international music, arts, and culture in the Northern part of Thailand. 

Throughout the three days event, a variety of music and stage performances will be performed. Additionally, there will be art exhibitions showcasing works of various artists from around the world at the Chiang Mai Arts and Cultural Centre. 

The event will be held at The Three Kings Monument, which the venue and stage will be decorated under the theme concept of “Music and Dance in the garden”.

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Found a comprehesive Thai Festival blog 

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Poi Sang Long Ceremony (4-7 April)

 The Poi Sang Long Ceremony is a is a Buddhist novice ordination ceremony - where  Young boys aged between 7 and 14 are ordained as novices so they can spend time studying Buddhist doctrines. 

A fascinating topic discussed here.

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The Miracle & Sacred of Phnom Rung (3-5 April)

I have not witnessed this astrological phenomenon myself but it looks beautiful.

The TAT has a wonderful post regarding the location of this historical park and how you can get there (Nok Air fly domestic).

Thailand Travel also has a wonderful description.

This reminds me of Indiana Jones though - i wondered where the plot came from!


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