28th National Youth Games @ Phuket

The opening ceremony of the National Youth Games will be on May 26th and the closing will be on June 5th.

It will be based in and around Sarakul stadium.

Info and picture from Phuket News.

Durian Festival (21-27 May)

If you like this fruit then visit this very special occasion.
I won' be there  - suppose that this does not make me a very good writer...



Chiang Mai's City Pillar Spiritual Ceremony (May17-24)

image from royalty free flickr
Here are the Daily Events from the Amazing Thailand

May 17th
1.30 pm - Party of Chiang Mai executive, officer, student, and Buddhist meet at Chedi - Lung temple.
2.00 pm Lord Mayor and participants parade Fon-Saen-Ha Buddha image, along Pha-Pok-Klao rd. - Three king monument - Ratchawithi rd. - Chang Moi rd. - Thapae rd. - Ratchadamnoen rd. - Wat Chedi Luang.
4.00 pm Opening ceremony by the governor of Chiang Mai.
5.00 pm Blessing ceremony for the god of city pillar by 9 Buddhist monks 

May 18th
8.00 am - 10.00 pm Buddhist pays homage by giving flower offerings to the God of city pillar. 
5.00 pm Blessing ceremony for the God of city pillar by 9 Buddhist monks
7.00 pm Lanna arts and cultural shows

May 19th, 2012
1.00 pm The great ceremony for Buddha amulet of the city pillar God.

May 24th, 2012 (Closing ceremony)
9.30 am Lord Mayor of Chiang Mai prays for Buddha image and gives food offerings to 108 monks.

Tel. 66 (0) 5324 8604, 66 (0) 5324 8607 every day from 08.30-16.30 Hrs.
For further information please feel free to contact TAT Chiang Mai 

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Bun Bang Fai Rocket Festival 2012

image from Travel Online and permission requested
I still have not seen this Festival - but one thing I did learn from reading so much is that the loser of the rocket competitions get pushed into the mud - that's where the mud fight bit is linked to the Rocket Festival.

The Legend says Vassakan, god of rain, loves being worshiped by fire. Therefore, the people make a rocket, “Bang Fai”, and launch it to where the god lives, in heaven. Besides, as May is the paddy planting season, this festival allow farmers a good chance to take a break before the harvest season begins.

More info from TAT and Travel Online

Southern Trade Fair 11-17 May

This was another special event at Sapan Hin in South Phuket.

This was a Trade Fair / Organic Fair / Traditional Fair

Items made in Southern Thailand
Foods special to Southern Thailand
Organic foods produced in Southern Thailand

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Dive Expo 2012 - Wonderful Thailand (May 10)

Dive Expo will take place in the Queen Sirikit Convention Centre in Bangkok


Wonderful Thailand

will also take place there.

More information - http://www.thailand-travelonline.com/

The Royal Ploughing Ceremony 2012

Image from Richard Barrow - Thai Festivals Blog - permission requested
The Royal Ploughing Ceremony is something that we see annually performed in several countries such and China and India.

What started initially as a ceremony to mark the beginning of the rainy season became a Branmanic rite and then King Rama IV introduced Buddhism.

In the ceremony two specially chosen oxen are hitched to a traditional wooden plough and they plough in some ceremonial ground and are followed by Brahmin scattering rice. After this simple ceremony the oxen are offered foods, including rice whisky, water, corn, freshly cut grass, green beans and sesame.

The oxen will eat some of the foods and the Court Soothsayers will make a prediction on the success of the coming growing season.