The Naga Fireballs and the Phayanak Festival

The Naga Fireballs - a fabulous phenomenon which takes place yearly - do I understand it or believe it - NO, but what the heck.

During October this can be witnessed - or simply viewed on youtube.

I read that the Naga is a giant hooded snake and it spits glowing fireballs - the Phayanak festival - simply put it is the welcoming of the Lord Buddah as he returns to Eath at the end of Buddhist Lent - simple!

Then Science comes along and explains it all - something to do with flammable phosphine gas.

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Sam Phan Bok - Three Thousand Holes.

I only know about this because of an email from Thailand Travel Online - a place which I would love to visit - it is in Issan.

It also has another name - the Grand Canyon of Thailand

Have a look at the rest of this gentleman's photographs. You really must have look at the rest of them!

Used with permission TAT.
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Phu Kradueng National Park

This is a National Park in the North East of Thailand, it is in the Phuk Kradeung district.

This is not a sandstone mountain for the faint hearted - the climb is registered at 1,325 meters and the plateau at it's peak is approximately 60 sq. km!

There are people to help you - at a fee - I would imagine that this would be a good idea...... another thing to write on my list.  Here is a report from Thailand Online about some visitors who attempted a climb.

and more information
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A Sart Thar Traditions and Banana Festival - 8th October

I smiled when I read this and thought - 'only in this beautiful place called Thailand'.

Found a beautiful site about this so have linked it to this below.

Kamphaeng Phet Province, Sart Thai Tradition & Banana Festival

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