Pu sae Ya sae ceremony - May 27

This is certainly a ceremony NOT for the squeamish - I would like to see it.

This ceremony is at Mae Hia - a tambon in Muaeng Chiang Mai - and is named after 2 cannibalistic brothers whose spirits guarded Chiang Mai.  Lawa and Northern Thai Legend tells us that the Lord Buddah persuaded (how I don't know) to give up being cannibals and the brothers agreed but for one day in the year they ate raw buffalo flesh once a year.

The ceremony is a mix of Shamanism and Buddhism and the medium involved speaks the words of the spirit Pu Sae and Ya Sea.  In Chiang Mai a buffalo is ritually sacrificed and eaten by the medium.  The information I have read about indicates that the innards are cooked and the medium sits on the buffalo carcass smoking and drinking.  Other information indicates that it is cooked.........

This should be seen.

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Wat Rong Khun – White Temple of Northern Thailand

I have not visited this temple but it does look beautiful.

Details for this are collected from the Thailand Travel online site.

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Koh YaoYai Beach Resort

I have not been to Koh YaoYai Beach Resort but I did receive an email from a guest to visit here.  It does look lovely.........

Nine sacred temples in Bangkok

I did not do this but it looks like an interesting thing to try......

9 sacred temples Part 1
9 sacred temples Part 2


Rayong Funkky Fruit Festival. May 14-18

This is certainly one that I have never visited and maybe it will help me eat more fruit.  The Rayong Funkky (not a spelling mistake) Fruit Festival. 

The Star Fruit is the local product of Rayong and there is a long tradition in agriculture here.  What makes this event a bit different? is that it mixes fruit with - poetry readings, musical performances and music..... i thought of trying to work in 'smoothies' here but was unable.

For more information please phone 02 733 2709 or send an email
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