5 places you should visit in Chiang Mai but tourists don't

info + pic from wiki.com
We love to visit Chiang Mai - so how many places have we visited?

1) Huean Phen

2) Wat Chedi Luang

3) Ob Luang National Park

4) Thamel Coffee @ Nai 99 shop
 - this looks like a must for me and my coffee habit...

5) Kantary Terrace

One of out 5 isn't bad - maybe next time?

The Naga Fireball Festival (9-15 Oct)

permission requested - interesting blog about phenomenon but not English text
Well this is clearly a phenomenon which should not be missed - but I have never seen it!

Maybe one day....

These are my previous blogs and links about this - next year?

Greasy Pole Climbing (11th Oct)

Richard's photographs
I have not seen this but it looks like a whole lot of fun.
The same as the Water Buffalo Racing...

Maybe we can try this (the pole climbing) next year in Phuket?

Thanks Richard for the photos.

Water Buffalo Racing (11th Oct)

Richard's photographs
This special event is an event which seems to be a great deal of excitement - Richard Barrow (a writer in Thailand) reports about a lot of these events.

Richard's photographs
Click here for my post last year.

Wax Castle Festival (8-12 Oct)

Last year I thought  that there was very little information available regarding this festival - but was told by a reader that there was...
Have a look

The Lotus Flower Receiving festival (Rub Bua)

image from pakanm

This festival is from the 8th of October until the 11th of October - the finale being the lotus throwing on the last day...

(Traditionally, local people line up on both sides of Klong Samrong and throw lotus flowers onto the boat carrying a replica of a revered Buddha image. This image is called Luang Poh To and is kept at Wat Bang Phli Yai.)

Read more: http://www.paknam.com/festivals/rub-bua-festival.html#ixzz1VBBeDchp