Chiang Mai Fest 2012 (23 March - 7 April)

Chiang Mai Fest looks to be a lot of fun - here's more information.

Part One

I do not think that this style of 3D Street painting has been seen in Thailand and I hope that it is a resounding success.

"23rd March through to 5th April, it will be for the first time in the Thai art history for people of Chiang Mai and even Thailand to see the amazing “3D Street Painting”. Recognized talented chalk artists from Europe and the USA will magically turn the surfaces of the roads at the Three Kings Monument into the boulevards of art as they will turn pavements into canvas and transform downtown Chiang Mai into a contemporary outdoor gallery of original art and masterpiece reproductions."

Part two

Then there is a music festival - 

"Then from April 6-7, it is the time for music festival. Enjoy the international concerts performed by various musicians such as Thomas Kiessling, Garth Taylor, Il Quinto, Blues Brothers, Nueng Jakkawal, Mango Republic, BaDeeBiDoo and many more.":

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