The Royal Ploughing Ceremony 2012

Image from Richard Barrow - Thai Festivals Blog - permission requested
The Royal Ploughing Ceremony is something that we see annually performed in several countries such and China and India.

What started initially as a ceremony to mark the beginning of the rainy season became a Branmanic rite and then King Rama IV introduced Buddhism.

In the ceremony two specially chosen oxen are hitched to a traditional wooden plough and they plough in some ceremonial ground and are followed by Brahmin scattering rice. After this simple ceremony the oxen are offered foods, including rice whisky, water, corn, freshly cut grass, green beans and sesame.

The oxen will eat some of the foods and the Court Soothsayers will make a prediction on the success of the coming growing season.

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  1. Sacred oxen choose grass in royal ploughing ceremony; adequate water abundant food predicted for upcoming rice growing season ... watch this space...