Moon Festival (30th September)

I visited the Moon Festival for 'Otter's Tales' - the blog for Cape Panwa Hotel and I enjoyed the Festival enormously - thank you.

After leaving we visited the Weekend Market opposite Wat Naka for dinner - sticky rice and Fried Chicken. The market seemed to be festooned with tourists I did not realise that it had become such an attraction!

As we were driving home we were suddenly surprised by sounds of fireworks and chanting - there was a Dragon Celebration in a little known Chinese Shrine called 
Jor Soo Kong Naka.

The atmosphere was electrifying - so much so that Jemma would not let go of me when we first entered. We were immediately bombarded with the noise of cymbals, shouting, a dragon dancing and much more.  I believe that the Head of the Village (Or Ba Tor) was here at first to welcome the dragon by placing a red (that colour again) in the mouth of the dragon.

After much cheering the dragon danced around and sprayed water from it's mouth onto all of the onlookers - I imagine that this a blessing. Following this the people who were watching gathered underneath the dragon and walked to the front of the dragon where they received a blessing.

Then we moved away from the furore and we watched a smaller (more traditional dragon) dance in front of others and receive a small donation.


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