Chiang Mai Fest 2012 (23 March - 7 April)

Chiang Mai Fest looks to be a lot of fun - here's more information.

Part One

I do not think that this style of 3D Street painting has been seen in Thailand and I hope that it is a resounding success.

"23rd March through to 5th April, it will be for the first time in the Thai art history for people of Chiang Mai and even Thailand to see the amazing “3D Street Painting”. Recognized talented chalk artists from Europe and the USA will magically turn the surfaces of the roads at the Three Kings Monument into the boulevards of art as they will turn pavements into canvas and transform downtown Chiang Mai into a contemporary outdoor gallery of original art and masterpiece reproductions."

Part two

Then there is a music festival - 

"Then from April 6-7, it is the time for music festival. Enjoy the international concerts performed by various musicians such as Thomas Kiessling, Garth Taylor, Il Quinto, Blues Brothers, Nueng Jakkawal, Mango Republic, BaDeeBiDoo and many more.":

One Tambon One Product Festival 2012 - OTOP (20-24 March)

The OTOP is a program that was designed by the recent Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra during the 2001-2006 Thai Rak Thai government.

A tombon in Thailand is a sub-district and the program was to promote and stimulate the local production of unique locally made products.  There is a large array of products that have received this OTOP branding – even after the program was cancelled when Thaksin was overthrown in 2006.

The current Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra opened the festival this year amid talk of increased Government money for Phuket developments and air conditioning – not the same as 2011.

My family and I went and we surrounded by music, food cooking smells and music. The music was from a band playing local Thai instruments and women in Thai traditional dress acting out a dance about ‘Kinaree’ – my daughter loved it.

We then sampled the sausages and the coffee – made extravagantly and without making a mess.  We watched some wood carving and sampled some more dishes of something – my family and I were welcomed by the Thai people - lovely

Muay Thai Festival (17-23 March)

If you want to see the best attack the best then visit this unique sporting event!!!

Muay Thai (Thailand's National Sport) is an ever growing Thai Sport which is being embraced by all the other countries in the World.  This is definitely the festival to visit!
Phuket and the Muay Thai boxing camps in Kata and Karon are an enormous attraction for a great many visitors to Phuket. 

The Kiet Kamlaiyok Thai boxing gym is the one close to me and run by a bellboy who works with me - not a man to mess with!!!!

Phuket Heroine’s Festival (11-20 March)

This festival is an opportunity for the women of Phuket to reach for their blades…

Well not really but it is a celebration of the Battle of Thalang – a battle which was led by two Thai ladies (Mook and Chan) and they were able to route a Burmese incursion in 1785.

They were able to fool the Burmese into thinking that there was a large amount of soldiers still in Phuket with plenty more arriving! Actually the army was not an army at all but the Thai women walking out under cover and returning in the day.  The Burmese were quickly disheartened and removed themselves from Phuket.

The monument was erected in 1966 and is approximately 10 metres tall – but be careful crossing the road if you want to get close the statue is on a roundabout!!

Tattoo Festival at Wat Bang Phra (3rd March)

This is a festival which does seem to have a lot of interest but I am not sure whether I would visit:

One of the most bizarre festivals that I have ever attended in Thailand is the Tattoo Festival. This takes place at Wat Bang Phra temple in Nakhon Chaisi, about 50 kms west of Bangkok. This year it is on Saturday 3rd March 2012. Wat Bang Phra is famous for its magically charged tattoos and amulets which can protect its wearer against harm and even speeding bullets. The temple was made famous by the late Luang Phor Boon and his devoted followers visit this temple every March to take part in a special “wai khru” ceremony and also to have their tattoos recharged.

The ceremony is scheduled to start at the auspicious time of 9.39 a.m.  However, it is a good idea to come early. We were there just before 7 a.m. At that time it is easier to park and also to find a good place to sit or stand to watch the proceedings. Although we had arrived early, there was already close on a thousand people there. Many of them were sitting on the ground facing the shrine for Luang Poh Pern. Others were making offerings to this former revered abbot of the temple. He was famous for making magical tattoos that could protect their wearer. Now his monks continue this practice.

The text is from Richard Barrow

Nongtalay Naga Festival (2-4 March)

This certainly looks like a lot of fun -
 but it is Krabi so I don't think that I will be able to make it :-(

"This event features sea and beach activities such as swimming, kayak paddling, soccer, boxing and a tug of war. There will be demonstrations and food booths and shows at night of the activity on stage. Also, there will be a walk of 3.7 kms on the third and a mountain bike race on the fourth." - from my destination.

but i cannot find more info...
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