Shrine of the Serene reopens (20-25 Feb)

during the night of the Chinese Festival

I have always visited the Shrine of the Serene and have watched it be renovated over the past few years and this week is their time for celebrating all of this..

         Sin Jia Geng Shrine
         Sam Thang Shrine 
         Teng Gong Tong Shrine - all seem to be the same place?

The text is from the Phuket News.

The foundations for the shrine, originally called the Sin Jia Geng, were laid 122 years ago, in 1891. Until the renovation, it was a private shrine of the Tan clan, one of Phuket’s largest and richest extended families. Its construction was funded mostly by Tan Kuad, also known as Luang Amnart Nararak.

To mark the completion of the renovations, a range of celebrations are currently underway. The programme is as follows:

February 207:30pm –Pai Chid Chae (Worshipping Seven Gods and Goddesses);

February 215pm –Sae Yid Ong Sun Tai Sai (Ong Sun Tai Sai’s Birthday); Ko Gun (Feeding the Soldier Spirits)and Pai Chid Chae (Worshipping Seven Gods and Goddesses);

February 227:30pm –Pai Chid Chae (Worshipping Seven Gods and Goddesses);

February 237:30pm –Po Un (a ceremony to drive out bad fortune)

February 245:30pm –Nguan Xiao Hoy (Chinese Lantern Festival Celebration);and Ko Gun (Feeding the Soldier Spirits);

February 255pm –Sae Yid Pud Gua Jo Si (Pud Gua Jo Si’s Birthday)Ko Gun(Feeding the Soldier Spirits)and Sang Ti Gong (Farewell to the Spirits).

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