9th Pang Sida Butterfly Watching Festival (8 June - 31 July)

We love to visit the Butterfly Garden and Insect World here in Phuket so I was interested to see this Festival in the margin of the Bangkok Post.

The event takes place at Pang Sida National Park which I feel is a little too far for me to go from Phuket but...

note - this is 2012
"Sa Kaeo, 10 June 2013, (NNT) -- Sa Kaeo Province has kicked off its 9th Pang Sida Butterfly Festival, inviting all nature lovers to enjoy the sight of more than 400 types of the flying insect. 

Sa Kaeo Governor Pakkaratorn Tienchai presided over the opening ceremony of the festival at the Pang Sida National Park in Muang District. Also attending the event were the park's Director General Nuwat Leelapata, high ranking local government officials, community leaders, and members of the public. 

Governor Pakkaratorn said that, at the beginning of the rainy season each year, the park houses roughly 450 kinds of butterflies for visitors to enjoy. The festival is therefore established to promote tourism to the province, a means to generate income to the locals, and to portray the province as 'the butterfly city of the East'. 

The festival will run until the end of July. 

The Pang Sida National Park is part of the Khao Yai - Dong Phya Yen mountainous range, Thailand's forest conservation zone that has earned the World Heritage title from UNESCO."

text is from Thai News

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